Frequently Asked Questions

What is the minimum amount of Bitcoin that can be mixed?

If you want, you can mix even 0.0001 BTC, but don't forget about the miner's fee.

What is the maximum amount of Bitcoin that can be mixed?

In the footer of this site, we display the current trade limits.

Hot Trade Maximum is the maximum you can send where the Mixer has the ability to send Outputs instantly after 1 Confirmation. Coins held in these Wallets are entirely automated and are connected to the bitcoin nodes at all time.

Cold Trade Limit is the maximum that the Mixer can successfully mix, outgoing transactions are signed off by a human operating a hardware wallet, "not constructed", but signed off after viewing the whole trade.

What is your fee?

Our fee is random. It varies between 1% and 2%

You can either send the full required amount in one go to a single deposit address, or you could spread the total amount over multiple transactions of different denominations, over a longer time period of your choosing.

Do you keep any Logs?

We have a 100% No-Logs Policy.

The only thing that is kept on file is your "Trade" for the duration of it's life (72 hours).

The trade file is encrypted on disk with AES-256 bit encryption. Where the disk itself is separately encrypted with full disk encryption and that disk is in a machine which is physically separate from the machine which is serving this website to you and can only be communicated to through Tor via a secure Channel with Tor Client Authentication.

Once that Trade reaches the end of it's life, it is automatically deleted and no knowledge of it's existence will ever be known again, to anyone, including us.

Can I get my old coins back in subsequent mixes?

Yes. But we try very hard to ensure that this doesn't happen and continue to develop the code further to ensure this doesn't happen.

Aside from the fact that we have many individual coins/UTXOs, two approaches we currently take are;

1. Conf-Guard

Any coin that comes into the Mixer, must have at least 18 confirmations and be suitably thawed prior to leaving the mixer in any subsequent trade.

This caters for a user that makes multiple mixes in quick succession. If a user sends a coin to the mixer, there is absolutely no way that coin is coming back out of the mixer for at least 3 hours.

2. Most recent coins go out last

We have many Wallets. The Wallet which received coins into it last has the least likelihood and priority of being used to send out coins in subsequent mixes.

This caters for a user performing another trade on the same day or the next.

Does the mixer work without JavaScript?

Yes. Our Bitcoin Tumbler works perfectly without JavaScript.

We don't use a CDN to serve any files and never will.

Why don't you support huge mixes?, other mixers boast of being able to mix 200 BTC

We can't speak for other people's situations or finances. But personally, if we had a spare 200 BTC lying around, we probably wouldn't have spent time building a mixer in the first place.

Further, we wouldn't stick that 200 BTC in hot-wallets that are permanently connected to the internet, ready to send Bitcoin at the drop of a hat.

One can advertise to "mix" by simply taking BTC into a wallet, then transferring it out, minus fee, which would not fool even the simplest analysis software.

If the Mixer does other stuff behind the scenes, for instance sending your money to a Bitcoin Exchange to get alternative Coins back out, or converting to and from another crypto-currency. That's all cool, whilst the exchange doesn't freeze their account mid-mix, asking for "proof of funds" or the external service they rely on isn't exit scamming or has stopped working for whatever reason.

Do you support Native-Segwit / Bech32 Addresses?

For Output Transactions, yes we do, both P2WPKH and P2WSH addresses.

We currently accept Deposits to P2SH addresses, but plan to extend this to all 3 types of Bitcoin Addresses in the near future.

Do you plan on integrating with the Lightning Network?

Yes. Providing Submarine Swap Mixes, enabling users with the ability to both Pay Lightning Invoices as well as Deposit to the Mixer from the Lightning Network.

We would like to offer Lightning Network users the ability to partially settle/on-chain some funds from their open Channels onto the Mainnet, i.e. paying a Bitcoin Address without having to close their Channel.

As well as the reverse, i.e. Paying a Lightning Invoice without opening a channel and doing so purely from a regular on-chain Bitcoin Transaction, including for instance depositing to a P2PKH Mixer Deposit Address which results in Lightning Invoices getting paid behind the scenes.

What Wallet Implementation do you use?

We have written our own Wallet implementation, from scratch which has intense focus on coin selection, handling of change for maximum privacy, for both you and us.

It is very important to us that Blockchain Surveillance companies are not even able to identify (through cluster analysis) any of our Wallets or Transactions and that all of our Transactions look like regular transactions on the Bitcoin network by regular users doing what they do.

I have a great idea or suggestion, can we talk?

Yes, absolutely.

Questions like Could you support a particular BIP?, Will you integrate with JoinMarket behind the scenes?, if you're not doing so already?, Could you build an API to do X? etc. These are exactly the kinds of discussions we'd like to have.